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Learn of Their Importance to Industrial Robots

Modern technology has evolved in ways that allow industrial robots to perform numerous tasks involved in the manufacturing process, many of which were previously performed by humans. Much of the labor performed by robotics consists of repetitive and monotonous processes. The benefits of relying on machines to complete these tasks include lower costs and extended production capability. But the automation process of these robots needs to be programmed to perform the specific function before we can put them into action. Robotic teach pendants are the most common device used for this purpose.

The Features of a Robotic Teach Pendant

Robotic teach pendants are handheld devices usually included with the purchase of an industrial robot. The unit is easy to use, allowing the owner to make any changes or additions to the programming function of the robot. In simple terms, the teach pendant tells the robot what to do. Many teach pendants will store a history of programming for easy reference if you need to go back to a previously programmed set of instructions. Other features a teach pendant may include are:

  • Wired or wireless technology
  • Buttons and switches for controls
  • Touchscreen displays
  • Display screen to show robot commands
  • Command editing function
  • Command history recall function
  • Emergency stop button for safety

The Importance of Robotic Teach Pendants

Articulated robots are some of the most common industrial machines used in manufacturing, but without teach pendants, they would not be capable of performing the wide range of tasks required in various industries. These machines are used for computer assembly, blow molding, packaging, and more. But even the same line of work will vary in the steps involved throughout the process. The teach pendant allows the operator to customize functions and program specific tasks remotely. This ease of programming keeps operators out of hazardous work areas, enables quick testing, and offers troubleshooting capability, all from a handheld device. Operators can communicate with the robot to program:

  • Range of motion
  • Cycle times
  • Speed of operation
  • Interaction with other pieces of equipment
  • And more

Market-Leading Support

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