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Robotic Automation Systems Takes a Closer Look

Articulated robots are one of the most common industrial robots found in manufacturing plants all over the world. What once looked like a futuristic machine from another planet is now commonplace on factory floors in every industry. Their design and similarity to the human arm are what makes them so versatile and capable of completing tasks once performed by people. The ability for precise programming ensures that production stays at optimal levels for continuous output.

The 6-Axis Articulated Robot Arm

Articulated robotic arms work on axis points, much like the human arm moves at the joints. However, a robot arm has much more flexibility than the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Not only that, articulated robots have three more joints than the human arm, giving them the ability to reach just about any area within their work envelope. The movement of each component is driven by servo motors with a control system supplying power to each motor for precise movement. The makeup of the articulated robot arm includes:

  • Axis 1 – Rotates robot at the base of the robot body
  • Axis 2 – Forward and back extension of the robot’s lower arm
  • Axis 3 – Raises and lowers the robot’s upper arm
  • Axis 4 – Rotates the robot’s upper arm and wrist roll
  • Axis 5 – Raises and lowers the wrist of the robot’s arm
  • Axis 6 – Rotates the wrist of the robot’s arm

Articulated Robot Advantages and Disadvantages

The reason articulated robots have progressed and continued to be a critical component in manufacturing industries is because of their numerous benefits. One of the drawbacks of this particular type of industrial robot is its limitation in performing at higher speeds. However, the advantages outnumber this when you consider these benefits:

  • Extensive range of motion
  • Incredible linear reach they have
  • Ability to move with great precision
  • Capability to reach virtually anywhere within the workspace due to their numerous axis points
  • Reputation as one of the most versatile, flexible, and valuable tools available

A Versatile Robotic Arm for a Variety of Functions

While our company specializes in plastic injection molding automation equipment at Robotic Automation Systems, articulated robots can be used for various assembly and packaging tasks across any industry. We carry high-quality products from manufacturers like ABB, Epson, FANUC, Staubli, and Yaskawa Motoman. No matter what your requirements are, you can find an articulated robot arm to complete precision work.

Enjoy the Benefits of an Articulated Robot in Your Factory

Technology in manufacturing continually evolves to create more efficient solutions while lowering costs. Yet even with all of the advancements in recent years, articulated robots have remained a key player in manufacturing and will for years to come. Contact us to learn more about how we can provide your business with state-of-the-art and easy-to-use articulated robots for your business.

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