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Robotic Automation Systems, a Turn-Key System Integrator in the Plastics Industry is excited to announce the opening of our new 13,000 Sq/Ft Automation facility located at 1010 Prairie View Ct, in Waunakee WI.

Since 1993, RAS has been a recognized System Integrator in the Plastics Industry providing robust Custom End of Arm Tooling, Upstream, and Downstream Automation systems, while employing FANUC, ABB, WEMO, and EPSON Robots, and now expanding our automation services into other market segments to meet the demand to offset the ever-growing labor shortage.

After navigating ten long months in a challenging world to secure building materials, on November 17, 2021, RAS was finally able to move in and take full advantage of the expanded real estate, and everything a larger facility has to offer for efficiencies and throughput.

The new facility is three times larger than our old facility. The production floor has 7500 Sq/ Ft with a clear span ceiling of thirty-one feet to accommodate the largest of Three-Axis robots in the market today.

The expanded and taller facility will better accommodate more efficient flow of products throughout the production floor and will afford the ability to build even larger and more complex Turn-Key Automation systems across many industries and market segments while keeping a focus on the Horizontal and Vertical Injection Molding and Blow Molding Industries.

We have installed a 5 Ton overhead crane to safely lift and easily set robots into place.

The new facility has a fully integrated 1600 Sq/Ft machine shop which allows for even more capacity. What is more, is the larger real-estate will now allow us to provide Custom machined components to the outside world, rather than just meeting our internal demands of custom machining.

Coming in 2022, RAS will soon have the capability to 3D print parts quickly and efficiently for rapid prototyping. Printing also allows for a more cost-effective process of additive manufacturing in the cases and applications where it applies.

For more information find us on the Web at or by phone at 1-800-937-9827

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