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Use of 6-axis collaborative robots, or cobots, for plastic injection molding automation is growing rapidly due to the advantages they provide. 

Collaborative robots (cobots) are being employed to automate tasks previously performed only by humans, including repetitive tasks that strain humans, or dangerous tasks involving interacting with other machinery. 

Interaction between operators and collaborative robots, which are designed to operate safely side-by-side with human operators without the need for protective guarding, as well as with other cobots, robots and machinery, can be more productive than using robots or human operators alone. 

These 6-axis articulated collaborative robots provide solutions for plastics manufacturers addressing challenges associated with labor shortages and struggling to fill repetitive jobs such as packaging, palletizing or layer packing. 

While some 6-axis collaborative robots may not compete with other 6-axis or articulated robots in terms of speed and precision, the FANUC 6-axis collaborative robots (cobots) employed by Robotic Automation Systems in their turnkey automation solutions do. They also have the advantage of ease of programming. 

Plastic molders are employing collaborative robots (cobots) to increase productivity, improve quality, reduce waste and address workforce shortages.

Contact Robotic Automation Systems to see how you might gain competitive advantage with collaborative robots as part of your plastic molding automation solutions. 

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