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End of Arm Tooling in the U.S.

End of arm tooling devices, also called grippers, allow the robotics used in machine automation to manipulate and move an object or objects. End of arm tooling for robots can be custom manufactured and tooled to meet any specific production or automation need in any industry or manufacturing process. Using the right type of end of arm tooling can make your automation faster, more efficient, and more precise. At Robotic Automation Systems, we pride ourselves on being an innovator in custom-designed end of arm tooling in the U.S. for an extensive range of automation applications throughout a variety of industries. To learn more about how the right type of end of arm tooling for robots can improve your manufacturing efficiency and production output, call us today.

Types of End of Arm Tooling

The type of end of arm tooling you need for your project depends on the action that is being automated. There are many different types and sizes of grippers that are specifically designed to pick up and manipulate a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials. The EOAT type you choose can be powered by compressed air, vacuum, or electricity. The most common types of end of arm tooling for robots in the U.S. are:

  • Grippers – A tool mounted at the end of a robot to grip an object or work product.
  • Welding torches – Can be used to join metal together using precise, efficient arc or spot welding.
  • Force-torque sensors – Allows a robot to complete delicate actions while preventing damage to the product.
  • Material removal tools – Rotary or vibratory tools that can be calibrated to remove unneeded or scrap material from your product.
  • Tool changers – Change tools out during different phases of the production process.
  • Rotary attachments – Provide rotational force to the product as it is being manufactured.

Why You Need End of Arm Tooling

End of arm tooling can improve the performance and efficiency of the automation process used in the manufacturing of your product. Over time, this will streamline the manufacturing process, requiring less human involvement and less time to complete. Using end of arm tooling for robots makes it easier to manufacture certain components of your product, allows for more precise movement in the production process, accelerates cycle times, reduces the maximum weight that can be lifted by the robot and/or reduces the surface area needed to lift an object, increases flexibility of the robot allowing it to pick up a wider variety of objects, and allows for the use of specific types of EOAT that meet the needs in clean room or food and beverage industry applications.

Contact Us for More Information

If you’re ready to learn more about how different types of end of arm tooling can improve the function and efficiency of your manufacturing processes, contact us at Robotic Automation Systems today. We specialize in custom-designed and robustly engineered end of arm tooling for robots, including grippers, end effectors, and more that can streamline a wide range of robotic automation applications. For more information, contact us online today.

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