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If you’re considering how to reduce your operational costs, it might be a good time to look at some level of packaging automation. While adding any type of automation comes with an initial capital investment, automating your packaging operation can prove to reduce your operating costs and allow you to rapidly recoup the setup and machinery expenses.

Here are four ways that automation can reduce your overall operating costs:

  1. Reduced Storage and Transportation Costs

If your business has large amounts of space allocated to the storage of packaging materials, changing to on-demand packaging could save your space, improve efficiency, and make a significant improvement in your bottom line.

If your operation uses boxes of different sizes, there are machines that can make boxes of several different sizes. This prevents you from having to keep a large inventory of different-sized boxes on hand at all times. Using the proper sized box can also reduce the volume of cushioning materials required, while lowering cubage. The reduced cubage can result in lower transportation costs, both in shipping charges and the size or number of vehicles you’ll need.

  1. Better Pallet Security

With so many goods transported on pallets, there are many instances of goods being damaged because of loads being improperly secured on the pallets. Using automated shrink wrapping can make it possible to improve load containment. In addition to the improved product security, an automated wrapping system operates at a much faster rate and so will save time and materials versus a manual method.

  1. Labor Cost Savings

When compared to using manual labor for packaging, automation offers real advantages. While the cost of the automation equipment is a real factor, manual labor requires an investment beyond just the salaries of the employees. You’re required to supplement the employees’ salaries by paying for social security, workers compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and a benefits package. While there are certainly ongoing machine costs such as maintenance or repairs, these costs are often far less than the true cost of additional employees.

  1. Greater Production Volume

With automation, you may be able to produce far more volume with greater efficiency. Your employees can only produce so much even at peak efficiency, but with automation, you can produce more and at a faster pace.

If your business is ready to explore automated packaging options, consult the experts at Robotic Automation Systems . We have been a leader and innovator in integrating automation and robotics for the plastics industry since 1993. Robotic Automation Systems solutions are custom engineered, built and fully integrated into your application and process – from complete turnkey automation systems to specific robotic automation application needs and tooling. We proudly represent a broad range of high-quality automation robots from several top-of-the-line manufacturers.

If you would like to see how we can help you with your automation or robotic needs, visit our website, or contact us at 800-997-0989 or 608-602-5144.

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