Vision Inspection Automation

Vision Inspection Automation Backlighting

Vision Inspection Backlighting
Backlit end of arm tool (EOAT) for automated vision inspection in plastic injection molding application

Vision Inspection Automation Part Fixturing

Part Fixturing Vision Inspection 
Vision inspection automation part fixturing for shorts and flashing in a plastic injection molding application with an interchangeable tooling plate using a servo picker on a four cavity mold

High Speed Vision Inspection Automation

High Speed Vision Inspection
Camera lens vision inspection automation high speed assembly cell marrying two dissimilar parts using an Epson SCARA robot and Cognex vision system to automatically inspect for correct assembly in a plastic injection molding application

Camera Lens Vision Inspection Automation

Camera Lens Vision Inspection
Automated vision inspection in insert loading automation applicaiton using a Cognex camera inspecting parts leaving the vibrating bowl for presence of the insert and correct orientation

Robotic Automation Systems specializes in vision inspection automation employed in plastic molding operations, including online, offline and cleanroom applications.

  • Short Shots
  • Flashing
  • Assembly
  • Defects
  • Insert / Part Verification
    • Presence (correct insert / part)
    • Orientation
    • Function
    • Dimension / Tolerance
    • Finished Part Dimensions and Features

Robotic Automation Systems vision inspection automation for plastic injection molding can utilize:

  • Backlighting
  • Front Lighting
  • Part Fixturing
  • Light Pipe
  • Camera Lens

Our vision inspection systems employ state of the art cameras manufactured by Cognex and Banner.

All systems are fully integrated into your operation, including custom programming and human machine interface (HMI). 

Solution Examples
Here are just a few examples of Robotic Automation Systems vision inspection automation for plastic injection molding applications. 

Getting Started
Contact Us for additional examples or to start a conversation about how we might help you with your vision inspection automation needs.

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