Overmolding (Press To Press Transfer) Automation In Plastic Molding Operations

Overmolding (Press To Press Transfer) Automation Cell - Using an ABB IRB 1600 robot

Overmolding (Press To Press Transfer) Automation (Custom End Of Arm Tool) - On an ABB robot

Overmolding (Press To Press Transfer) Automation (With Vision Inspection) - Custom end of arm tool with backlighting vision inspection using a Cognex camera, on an 6-Axis articulating ABB IRB 1600 robot

Robotic Automation Systems specializes in press to press transfer automation for overmolding and other plastic molding applications, providing complete turnkey solutions or automation integration of specific operations. 

Plastic automation overmolding (press to press transfer)  applications include:

  • Single and Multi-Cavity
  • Cleanroom
  • Docking, ensure accurate alignment.

Use Robotic Automation Systems overmolding (press to press transfer) automation:

  • When a 2-shot plastic injection molding machine is not an option or cost effective
  • To reduce cycle time
  • For consistent cycles to improve part quality and reduce scrap
  • To increase productivity
  • For protection of the mold

Robotic Automation Systems selects from a wide range of press to press transfer robots to integrate the best solution for your overmolding automation, from manufacturers including HAHN Automation, WEMO, Wittmann, ABB Robotics, Epson Robots, Fanuc Robotics, Staubli Robotics and Yamaha Robotics.

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Solution Examples
Here are just a few examples of Robotic Automation Systems plastic molding press to press transfer automation applications.    

Getting Started
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