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Learn How Much an Industrial Robot Arm Costs

The need for industrial robots has significantly increased over the past several years. This is true in the industrial and manufacturing fields as well as in educational facilities. Public schools and colleges are expanding their offerings on robotics and engineering, so they’re purchasing new equipment for classes and programs. The big question is, how much does an industrial robot cost? Well, as you might have guessed, the cost varies greatly, and we’re here to discuss what you can expect.

Buying a New Industrial Robot

When researching the purchase of an industrial robot, you’ll find that the price can range anywhere from about $25,000 for an entry-level robot arm to upwards of $400,000. Why such a huge difference? The reason is that the robot’s cost will ultimately be decided by what your needs are. A basic industrial robot with a controller and teach pendant will be in the lower range. However, customizations or specific requirements tailored to your application will increase the price. The most significant factor in determining price is what application the robot will be used for. Once that is understood, details such as the size, safety features required, end-of-arm tooling (EOT) needs, and payload limits can be mapped out for an all-inclusive price.

Refurbished and Low-Cost Industrial Robots

As with most mechanical pieces of equipment, there is the option to purchase a reconditioned or refurbished robot. Buying used will save you money if you’re looking for a low-cost industrial robot option. Again, the final cost will be determined by the application the reconditioned robot will perform, but generally, you can expect to pay about half the price as you would for a new robot performing the same tasks.

The Different Manufacturers

There are numerous reputable manufacturers of high-quality and reliable industrial robots, and our company carries many of them, including FANUC, Epson, ABB, WEMO, Staubli, Yamaha, and more. The good news for buyers is no matter which brand you choose, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the price. The price does not fluctuate very much from one manufacturer to another when comparing similar models with equal functions. While a 3-axis robot won’t cost as much as a 6-axis robot, you won’t see a significant difference in price among brands when comparing similar products.

Shop for Industrial Robots

At Robotic Automation Systems, we specialize in providing automation tools for the plastic industry. We offer turnkey solutions and superior support services for our customers. Contact us to learn more about all of our industrial robots and business solutions.

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