Direct Drive Automated Rotary Tables (Turntables)

Injection Molding Direct Drive Rotary Tables or Turntables
For Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Automated Box Filling Systems And 
Other Automation Applications

  • Direct drive with torque monitoring 
  • Maintenance free
  • Short lead times 
  • 36", 48" and 60" diameter tables
  • Interchangeable table tops 
  • Custom configurable, flexible table tops
  • Audible safety warning before every index
  • Optional control package
  • Enhanced value competitively priced
  • Two year entire system warranty 


We're so pleased with the craftsmanship of Robotic Automation Systems automated rotary tables. They're
very heavy duty and robust! Thank you for the great turntables and your outstanding service!

Shevey Westbrook
Manufacturing Manager, Allegheny Plastics

Robotic Automation Systems direct drive automated rotary tables tables (turntables) are designed for automated box or tote filling systems at the end of plastic injection molding machines, or other automation applications. Unlike other belt or friction drive automated box fill system rotary tables and turntables on the market, these are direct drive rotary tables employing a direct drive motor with torque monitor, eliminating tensioning and maintenance. These rotary tables are also typically lower in cost than current options, and are ready for fast configuration and shipping.

These direct drive automated box fill system rotary tables (turntables) are cost effective and versatile solutions for automatic box filling systems applications too small for traditional inline systems, typical at the end of a plastic injection molding machine. Their robust design and construction are engineered for long life in industrial environments. An optional polycarbonate turntable cover is available to eliminate part contamination.
Short Lead Times
The direct drive automated box filling system turntables are ready for fast configuration and shipping. With Robotic Automation Systems, forget about the typical long lead times - we know you need it now!
Robotic Automation Systems automated direct drive rotary tables can operate on a count signal from the plastic injection molding machine, robot, or a weigh hopper, and can be programmed to fill all different box or shipping container sizes and shapes. An optional counter can also be used to count machine shots and send an indexing signal. The automated rotary tables are equipped with a NEMA 1 hinged door control cabinet. Control options include PLC with mini touch-screen for set up and counter, or configuration for control with dry contact relay from the plastic injection molding machine system's PLC control.

Robotic Automation Systems direct drive automated box fill system rotary tables (turntables) include:
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) for infinite speed control
  • Robust design and construction for long life in industrial environments
  • 4 heavy duty 550 lb capacity swivel type bearing casters with thumbwheel leveling capability
  • Welded steel table top with extruded frame
  • Powder-coated painted high gloss finish over steel construction (standard gray or customize color)
  • Flexible box locators and slides to accommodate almost any size box or container
  • Box holders ensure boxes are placed and remain in the correctly positioned
  • Multiple stop positions for various boxes or packaging options
  • Fills automatically by cycle or part count
  • Easy to program control system
  • 110 volt
  • Audible safety warning signal before every index
  • Optional programmable Micrologix PLC with mini touch screen for changing counters and displays
  • Optional adjustable polycarbonate protective box cover to prevent part contamination
  • Shipped fully assembled, ready to use

Robotic Automation Systems direct drive automated box filling system turntables come in three standard sizes, 36", 48" and 60" diameter, to meet most all applications, and can be semi or fully customized for your exact need. Custom colors, control options, turntable configurations, sizing - just let us know your need!

Top View Injection Molding Direct Drive Rotary Turntables
Side View Injection Molding Direct Drive Rotary Tables


Robotic Automaton Systems is pleased to offer these new direct drive automated box fill system rotary tables (turntables) as a cost effective, ready to ship, no maintenance or tensioning solution for our industry! Download / print the direct drive rotary table specification sheet.

To order or for more information about direct drive automated box filling system rotary tablescontact Robotic Automation Systems





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