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The Industrial Robotic Arm – A Marvel of Engineering

The introduction of the assembly line revolutionized manufacturing well over a century ago. Switching to this production process helped car builders increase output by 500%, allowing them to sell vehicles at a lower price and with greater quality control. Then, the first prototype industrial robots entered the automotive scene in 1961. It didn’t take long for manufacturers from other industries to recognize the industrial robotic arm as a…

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Packaging Automation With Collaborative Robot Solves Labor Shortage

This palletizing automation eliminated the need for a full-time operator, helping address labor shortages and the need to shut down the line when full-time operators were not available.

The packaging automation needed to pick multiple finished plastic injection molded parts and part sizes from a conveyor and palletize them into two 40” x 48” Gaylord containers, adding a slip sheet between each…

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Integrators for the Plastics Industry