Assembly Cell Automation For Plastic Molding

Automated Assembly Cell With Vision Inspection - Flexible, redeployable custom turnkey assembly cell with vision inspection using Epson E2-350 SCARA robot

Automated Turnkey Assembly Cell - With hot stamping (tipping), vision inspection and downstream off-loading of plastic injection molded parts

Automated Assembly Cell (Insert Molding) - Bowl fed metal stamping inserts are pre-staged at cavity centers and loaded for plastic insert molding using an ABB IRB 1600 robot and molded parts are unloaded and presented to a camera for vision inspection verification

Automated High Speed Assembly Cell (4x4 Stack Mold With Part Retrieval) - Assembly cell closes and stacks plastic injection molded parts with a Staubli 6-Axis robot, onto a flex link conveyor system with custom pallets

Robotic Automation Systems expertise includes automation of assembly operations and turnkey automated assembly cells employed in plastic injection molding, insert molding and overmolding manufacturing processes. 

Robotic Automation Systems automated assembly cells offer flexible, redeployable assembly and are custom designed and built for your specific application. 

Automated assembly cells can include upstream pre-staging of parts, on-line or off-line assembly and downstream assembly operations.

  • Precision Assembly
  • High Speed Assembly
  • On-line or Off-line Assembly
  • Cleanroom Applications

Automated Assembly Cells may include:

  • Bowl Feeder or Part Orientation
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Vision Inspection / Orientation
  • Packaging

Robotic Automation Systems assembly automation offers:

  • Improved Efficiency and Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Cycle Time and Consistent Cycles
  • Less Waste / Scrap
  • Complete Vision Inspection
  • Full Assembly Verification

Robotic Automation Systems uses both 6-Axis robots and SCARA robots depending on the assembly application.  In some cases both the 6-Axis and SCARA robots are employed within the same assembly automation work cell. 

6-Axis Robots: Offer more versatility and a wider range of motion within their working envelope.

SCARA Robots: Offer higher speed and are accurate and repeatable within microns.

Robotic Automation Systems automated assembly cells include complete installation, training and ongoing support, as well as PLC programs and human machine interface (HMI) custom designed to control the assembly cell and interface with your operation.

Getting Started
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