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Programming / HMI

Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Automation Direct Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Allen Bradley Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Automation Direct Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Robotic Automation Systems automation solutions include custom programming and human machine interface (HMI) to fully integrate into your specific application and current systems.  Our value added service includes reset programming, which offers the end user the ability to recover the robot after a fault from any position without ever having to manually drive the robot.

We offer multiple platforms in our customized programming including programmable logic controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and SCARA, 3-Axis and 6-Axis robots


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Our systems employ state of the art programmable logic controllers (PLC), including Allen Bradley and Automation Direct PLC platforms.  Widely used, Allen Bradley Is regarded for their highly integrated control platforms.  Automation Direct platforms are also known for their quality and reliability.

Allen Bradley PLC Benefits:

  • Well-Known
  • Time Proven
  • Wide Array Of Product Lines

Automation Direct Benefits:

  • More Economical
  • Very Modular
  • Reliable
  • Multiple Programming Platforms


Custom Human Machine Interface (HMI)

All of our robotic automation systems can include custom human machine interface (HMI) graphical interface designed to interchange and display usable data for operators, managers and maintenance personnel.  Robotic Automation Systems Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) range from basic 3” HMIs up to 15” multi-layer screen HMIs.  Allen Bradley and Automation Direct HMIs are typically employed and can support videos, emails, remote access and control, FTP transfer and web server configurations.  Look to Robotic Automation Systems for complete solutions for your company’s HMI requirements.

  • Handheld
  • Panel Mount
  • Swivel Mount

Allen Bradley HMI Benefits:

  • Compatibility Options
  • Widely Used Product Lines

Automation Direct HMI Benefits:

  • User-Friendly Software
  • Economic Interfacing Solution
  • Compatible With All Major PLC Brands

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